Strategic Growth Partners.

We work with early-stage startups solving meaningful problems—and help founders turn great ideas into market disruption at scale.

We are Meta Venture Capital

Meta Venture Capital is a community-based blockchain and cryptocurrency venture company that aims to help new crypto projects and established companies grow further.

We believe that blockchain technology will make it easier and more cost-effective to learn new skills, gain access to current information, and contribute to human development.

Meta Venture Capital Mission

Our mission is to enable everyone to invest in promising projects, regardless of their financial capabilities.

We want to give our community the opportunity to participate in these projects, our main team considers it necessary to invest their efforts in researching ideas and trying to find promising projects at very early stages. We deeply believe in the potential for social growth and development.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies turn financial and data services into decentralized open source protocols. We believe these protocols have the potential for massive competition and innovation in computing, data, finance, and money itself.

We put great emphasis on network development and commercial expansion projects. We believe that successful business is based on strong networks and that every additional user that joins the network increases the value of the network for everyone else. When this happens, the company gains structural protection, which opens the door to the possibility of long-term success for the company.

Partner Choice

We value every client who contacts us. Our proactive approach is based on studying their business plan to understand their requirements and how we can make the most of it. As soon as our analytical team confirms the strength of the project, the initial round of business negotiations will begin. From there, we conduct due diligence to confirm the authenticity of the sources. Finally, investors' funds are transferred in stages in accordance with the results achieved.

Investment portfolio.

We invest in a curated portfolio of disruptive digital currency projects, including blockchain games, in-game assets, NFT’s, tokens, staking pools and more.